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People put their faith in the owners, operators, manufacturers and sellers of amusement park rides. We put our children’s lives in their hands. Sadly, not all parks do what is required to make sure all of their equipment is properly maintained and safe for the general public. In fact, some rides are inherently unsafe. It should not take a serious accident for a park operator to fully comply with maintenance regulations, but this is what often happens.

At Finnerty Law Office, we take amusement park safety very seriously. If a client is injured on a park ride, we uncover all maintenance records, accident history, park policies and procedures, video footage, employee records, equipment purchase/lease documents, accident reports, police/fire reports, park accident and compliance history, and witness statements.

If we conclude upon investigation that the client was injured due to the negligence of a park owner/operator/employee or an equipment manufacturer/seller/contractor, we will eagerly pursue a claim for all related damages and file suit in court if a reasonable settlement is not forthcoming.

If you or someone you love sustained injuries at a playground or amusement park, call us as soon as possible at 617-544-0987 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.


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