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If you believe your insurance company has improperly denied coverage for a significant loss, the insurer may have violated the terms of your policy and/or the laws governing insurance practices.

For example, we recently won a large settlement from a major home insurer that had denied coverage for a fire intentionally set by the husband without the wife’s knowledge or involvement. The fire destroyed their home. Although Massachusetts does not recognize the “innocent spouse” rule might be adopted in Massachusetts if the right case comes along. We threatened to sue, arguing that the insurer might end up the loser in a precedent-setting case, with their name forever attached to a change in Massachusetts law for the protection of policyholders. The insurer did an about-face and paid the policy limit for the loss of both the house and the personal property within the house.

Let us know the nature of your insurance dispute. We will analyze the facts, the policy terms, and the law to determine whether you have a claim worth pursuing.

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