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When you stay at a hotel or resort, you expect the premises to be safe and secure. But this is simply not always the case. We have handled many serious claims of hotel negligence. These include a case involving the binding, robbing, and dousing with gasoline of a jewel dealer in his hotel room whose goods were worth a great sum of money, a case of sexual assault by an intruder in a woman’s hotel room, and a case involving an American guest at a Caribbean hotel who was badly injured when a rotting outdoor hammock pole collapsed while he slept.

In Massachusetts, hotels and resorts are held to a heightened standard of care for the safety of their patrons. Such premises must be maintained in a safe condition. This includes both the physical premises (the building and grounds) and the security needs. If either is below par, guests are at risk.

If you or someone you know suffered harm while a guest at a local or foreign hotel or resort, let us investigate the facts and circumstances in order to determine whether there is a viable negligence claim. If so, we will work hard to obtain the compensation you deserve for your injury and other damages. As with any other negligence case, if a fair settlement offer is not extended by the hotel or its insurer within a reasonable amount of time, we will file suit in court and proceed accordingly.

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